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There is no better time than right now to look within and discover what you are truly capable of. 


For some reason, something’s holding you back.

But what? How? How do I stop it? How do I move forward? How do I know what I really want.

Want to find all the answers to those questions?

Let me guide you on a ten-day journey that will lead you to the heart of your “stuck-ness” and ultimately leave you empowered, motivated and driven to own live the life you deserve.

Imagine what that would feel like!

I’d love to help you get there.

We begin right away with a private FB group, and you get lifetime access and free downloads of the meditations and worksheets!


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I'm In!


What you can expect:


During this 10-day course, I gently take you on a journey of self-discovery toward a life of joyful authenticity.

In each lesson, a new intention for growth is explored, then reinforced through a meditation, journal prompts and a daily mantra. As you clarify goals, shed old beliefs and create new ones, you lay the foundation on which to build the best life you can imagine!

In the end, you will leave with an energized spirit, a lighter heart, and all the tools, motivation and drive you need to manifest your greatest desires.


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“Thank you for this beautifully made amazingly inspiring course! It brought so many powerful insights and tips to take out to my journey! After the course I feel like I'm coming back to my true self and allowing myself to follow my deepest desires. Thank you for your work and effort.”

šŸ™ āœØ šŸ’—

-Olly, Redmond, WA, United States

“This course is truly outstanding. It's not just a way to reconnect with your authentic self, but to regain an accepting and self loving control of who you are and what you want. The teachings are simple yet moving, with a good balance of including a meditation practice as well. I have never been into journaling, and I did it every day in this course, because it truly felt like it had a purpose to help me, and without being a chore. Thank you so much Amanda for your time and love, now it's time to listen to my intuition and take one step at a time while feeling the reality of my end goals”!

- Renata, Auckland, New Zealand

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“This was a surprisingly emotional experience that has helped me more than I expected. Thank you for this course. Namaste :)

- Sam, Bristol, United Kingdom

This course is for anyone who: 

Has a dream, passion or purpose but just can’t seem to live it

Yearns for more joy and ease in their daily lives

Has been held back by fear, limiting beliefs and self-doubt

Wants to stop stressing, and start living!




When you decide to UNCOVER YOUR BEST SELF IN 10 DAYS, not only will you make life-changing discoveries, but you’ll have my guidance and support every step of the way!

And, you’ll have lifetime access to these lessons and supporting materials.

You can go at your own pace, and revisit the course any time.

I’m here for you.

Are you?


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About me: 

I am a voice actor/meditation teacher who leads a conscious life of intention and manifestation. I am always looking to raise the vibration of those around me! I have personally learned to manage Stress, insecurities, trauma and mom/work balance through daily practice. Over 4500 people have taken my highly rated course, UNCOVER YOUR BEST SELF IN TEN DAYS, and I can’t WAIT to help you achieve your dreams. I’m here for you.

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What you Can Expect from this Journey:

DAY 1: Creating Awareness

Today we clarify what we want to create, change or manifest in our lives. What will it cost you to not make this change? What will you gain from this change?  In today’s mediation, we focus on bringing awareness to the areas that you want to change and create a vision of possibility.

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DAY 2: Let Go and Let Love

As we move forward with living our lives on purpose, an important part of evolving is to surrender and let go of the old stories and beliefs that have held us back in the past. As we do this, we open ourselves to become vessels for the love, abundance, creativity and true change we deserve. In today’s meditation, we let go, and bring peace and freedom into our futures.

DAY 3: Creating Our Realities Through Curiosity and Intuition

How can we strengthen our inner world, so we can see the realization of our desired lives in the outer world? In today’s meditation, we begin to manifest our desired changes as we take control of our own stories.

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DAY 4: Stress Less

Stress, “busy-ness” and overwhelm don’t have to rule our lives. In this lesson, we explore five ways we can break our habitual stresses and worries. In today’s meditation, we practice a stress-melting method as we give gratitude to all that is good in our lives, and all the good things coming to us as we continue to manifest our visions for the future.

DAY 5: Your Body is a Temple

In order to physically live the life of our dreams, we must take care of our bodies. What is your relationship with food, movement and sleep? What do you intend to improve? Why is this important to you? In today’s meditation, we rejoice in the miracle that is our healthy body.

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DAY 6: Play!

When we are doing something fun, that doesn’t feel like work, we feel endless energy. We are in the moment, our guards are down and we are our authentic, playful selves. We are not spending as much energy blocking judgements and protecting our egos. So if we live from an unblocked, playful place, our lives are so much more enjoyable and our energy is limitless! In today’s meditation, we connect with our inner child and remind of wonder, joy and play.

DAY 7: Relinquish Fear

Whatever fear looks like in your life, it’s time to take control and show up as the authentic you.  What are you fearful of? And how can you act in spite of that fear? What’s the worst that could happen? In today’s meditation, we breathe courage in, and breathe fear out.

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DAY 8: Love and Your Heart’s Desire

When you give love to yourself, the people around you, and to painful situations and conflicts, you bring lightness and freedom from pain. Love yourself, so the world can love you back. In today’s meditation, we embrace ourselves in peace and love.

DAY 9: Goals and Commitment

When we set goals, make commitments to ourselves, and then deliver on them, we produce confidence. In this lesson, we explore how to create habits and rituals that support our goals. In today’s meditation, we feel the incredible feelings that come from taking committed action toward our dreams.

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DAY 10: Law Of Attraction

In our final lesson, it’s time to take everything we’ve learned and focus it into the manifestation of our greatest desires.

When we are in alignment and open to receive, the universe must provide! In our last meditation, we fill ourselves with the light and joy of having everything we’ve ever dreamed of...because it’s ours for the taking.


So, what’s stopping you from living the life

of your dreams?